Working to democratize startup investment.
Paul, Marco and John came together to democratize startup investment by allowing anyone to invest in portfolios of startups.
Paul Foley
Co-Founder and CEO

Marco Vienna
Co-Founder and COO

John Siladie
Co-Founder and CTO
Financial help designed with women in mind.
Emily and the Bits team are building one of the first financial help platforms designed with women in mind. With on-demand, one-on-one help, and transparent pricing, Hey Colleen will launch in January, 2019.
Emily Cangie
Founder and CEO
Automatic scheduling.
Adam and the Bits team built InviteMe to allow users the ability to automatically and securely find a time that works for everyone in their meeting.
Adam Gunther
Software Engineer
Global Startup Studio Network
A tight-knit network of startup studios around the world.
Investing in startup studio portfolio companies.
Earthquake early-warning detection.
Gazi and the Bits team built Zizmos as an earthquake early detection platform. When an earthquake occurs, the Zizmos servers send the user an early-warning notification that alerts the user of expected shaking in the area
Battalgazi Yildirim
Co-Founder and CEO

Greg Stillman
Chief Business Development Officer

Mark Johnston
Hardware and Software Engineer
Security for IoT Devices.
Ken and the Bits team built Bear’s security-as-a-service platform to protect devices by placing lightweight device communication workflow agents on every device – physical or virtualized – and manage those agents through an AI-powered remote security operations portal.
Ken Tola
Co-Founder and CEO
AI time tracking for lawyers.
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